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The Rotary Clubs of District 5440 are dedicated to humanitarian service, working “hands on” and through support of The Rotary Foundation.  The District Governor and the District 5440 team help to provide clubs and Rotarians with necessary resources, education, motivation and inspiration to grow membership and increase their ability to serve others.
If you are interested in serving Rotary beyond your club, let the Governor know!    We’re waiting for your call!
 Governor Selection Process
It is a matter of passage in Rotary, that on July 1 of every year, a new Governor assumes responsibility for our, and every, District.  Applications are due by December 6, 2019.  This year's interview schedule is not yet set but it will be in January. 
This brings a new theme, new responsibilities in the various committees, and, hopefully, a consistency of focus to attract new and keep current members, to make the world a better place, and to build awareness of our work.
The governor is charged with the duty of furthering the Object of Rotary by providing leadership and supervision of the clubs in the district. The governor shall inspire and motivate them and ensure continuity within the district.” according to the Rotary International Bylaws. There are sections in various documents addressing the qualifications and duties of the Governor that can be found in the Manual of Procedure; to make it easier for the average Rotarian to access and understand.    
Our District Nominating Committee is comprised of five Past District Governors, Phil Murphy (Chair), Ken Small, Barbara Redder, Bill Emslie, Chuck Rutenberg and two Past Presidents of Clubs in our District, Albon Shaw (Casper Five Trails) and Bill West (Fort Collins).  Charged with the “duty to seek out and propose the best available candidate for governor-nominee” they will meet before May, 2020 in accordance with the bylaws, to interview and select our District’s Governor for Rotary Year 2022-2023.
The Governor Nominee Designate will quickly find a new, expanded circle of friends, peers, mentors, and trainers and will begin, with them, a schedule of sessions and seminars, refining skills and techniques, and, along the way, acquiring an entirely new perspective of Rotary.
The Nominee Designate will be encouraged to attend all District meetings and events, including the Presidents Elect Training Seminar (PETS) on February 28 - March 1, 2020, expanding knowledge of the operation of District 5440 and working with the current Governor on the important task of building appreciation, understanding, and support of The Rotary Foundation.
The Governor Nominee continues in the following year seeing, meeting, and learning and making new friends and contacts. The Governor Elect year is one of more learning, but mostly planning and assembling the team of Rotarians that will serve on and lead the various committees that assist the Clubs. The Governor year is a period of meeting, listening, executing or adapting plans, inspiring, motivating, and occasionally, correcting.
One need not be retired from one’s profession to serve as Governor; however a strong administrative and management support structure in one’s business is helpful, particularly during the year as Governor.
Rotary International and District 5440 pay the expenses of attending training in the Governor Nominee and Governor Elect years, and for the Governor. The Governor Elect and the Governor also attend the Rotary International Convention as representatives of our District. Although most of the expenses for the Governor are reimbursed, there may be some expenses that will not be covered by Rotary International and District allocations, such as gifts for staff or other personal items.
All Clubs will be asked to submit suggestions for nominations for Governor, and these “..should be in the form of a resolution adopted at a regular meeting of the Club naming the suggested candidate.”  And as with all elective offices in Rotary “any effort to influence the selection process for an elective office in positive or negative manner by campaigning, canvassing, electioneering or otherwise is prohibited.”
The Governor’s role includes many social situations, and a partner or good friend certainly makes the experience more enjoyable. The network of Past Governors proves to be a valuable asset at these events and in all stages of the Governor’s preparation and service.
Nominating Committee Chair PDG Phil Murphy at 970-217-8589 (c) or