- Promotes new membership growth and current membership retention while empowering club leaders to shape and retain a quality membership experience with practical support. 
- We work to help identify ways to expand the attraction of Rotary to an ever growing diverse community population.  
- Helps strengthen and invigorate membership-related programs to clubs
- Strives to generate collaborative and open platform discussions for enhancing our members’ experience while using technology to span the large gaps between our Rocky Mountain communities.
Contact John Griffith if interested in serving on this committee.
Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is responsible for three areas:

  1. Providing Audio-Visual services and equipment to various District events like Assemblies and Conferences, and
  2. Assisting District clubs and committees with the expertise, training, and equipment to have effective virtual or hybrid meetings, and
  3. Enhancing club and district operations with innovative software, hardware, and the use of social media.

Contact Steve Sehnert if interested in serving on this committee.

Rotary Visioning Facilitators

Rotary Visioning Facilitators walk alongside District 5440 Rotary Clubs to help them develop a strategic plan to strengthen the club by defining their impact in community and a clear path forward. Rotary Visioning Facilitators will receive training to successfully:

  • Gain an understanding of the current condition of the respective Rotary Club
  • Use a proven District 5440 planning process to develop a strategic plan
  • Meet either in-person or virtually to facilitate the planning process
  • Send the findings of the planning process to District 5440
Contact Dale Malody at if interested in serving on this committee.