Our district went through a comprehensive club vision facilitation training program in February, 2009.  The Rotary Club of Loveland was the first to participate in a visioning exercise just two months later.  By the end of 2010 we had conducted visioning sessions with 32 clubs in the district.  Today, 44 of the district’s 54 clubs have participated in the initial visioning exercise and six have repeated and updated their program through a follow-up visioning exercise.

The program continues in 2016-2017 and beyond for those clubs which have not yet participated, and many who are ready to update their efforts.

A club visioning session provides a vision for the future and the beginnings of a written plan that promotes consensus, consistency, and continuity. This statement of goals and initiatives provides a road map that’s easy for leaders and club members to understand. It serves as a foundational piece for any club that wants to grow and become more effective.

Club visioning defines and celebrates the unique culture of each club through a four-hour facilitated delivery of eight sequenced exercises supporting our motto of “Service Above Self.” Visioning allows the club members to dream about what their club could become. From this dream comes a new sense of identity and a renewed commitment to make a club better than it is today.

More information about the visioning program is included in the various documents and video links noted on this site. On behalf of your District leadership team, we urge you incorporate a visioning exercise into your club’s planning and long-term operating strategies.