Disaster relief efforts for your contributions.
  • Contribute to The Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Fund.  Account-Advisors Greg Podd, Past Director, Rotary International and Barry Rassin, President Elect, Rotary International.   This is a donor advised fund under The Rotary Foundation.  Contributions can be made directly at  https://www.your-fundaccount.com/rotary/HowToContribute.asp. Information on the fund is attached.  Additional Information can be found at: : https://www.rotary.org/en/rotary-districts-collect-emergency-funds-hurricane-harvey-victims
  • Contribute to Rotary District 5930, a severely impacted district on the Gulf Coast southwest of Houston who has is partnered with McAllen North Rotary Fund - a 501 (c) 3 to set up an Emergency Relief Fund.  You may contribute at: http://rotary5440.org/Stories/hurricane-harvey.
  •  Contribute to any other fund or group that is providing relief for Hurricane Harvey.  Your local communities may have a fund or plan for assistance and we encourage you to make your choice(s) as determined by your club.