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To: Club Presidents and Assistant Governors:
From:  District Governor Bill Emslie
RE:  Council on Legislation
Rotary’s Council on Legislation is the governing body that amends constitutional documents.  We have entered a new three year cycle for the Council that includes opportunities for individual clubs to submit “petitions,”  “ resolutions” or specific changes in Rotary’s Bylaws, the RI Constitution or the Standard Rotary Club Constitution (known as “enactments.”)
The district has appointed Past District Governor Mike Forney as our representative to the Rotary International Council on Legislation.  He will speak about the Council process at our district assembly this weekend in Cheyenne.  He will also be available to assist you in preparing and submitting “petitions,” “resolutions” and/or “enactments” for consideration by the Council.
“Petitions” may be submitted at any time.  “Resolutions” will be considered annually.  “Enactments” will be considered when the Council on Legislation meets in the spring of 2019.    The deadline for final submission of an “enactment” to the Council on Legislation is December 31, 2017, “Resolutions,” however, can be submitted for consideration by June 30, 2018.  “Petitions” may be submitted at any time. 
It is important to note that “resolutions” or “enactments” must be approved by the club’s members and its board of directors and then endorsed by clubs in the district through a district conference, legislative meeting, or through a ballot-by-mail.
A “petition” may be submitted to the RI Board from an individual club or district without consensus among all of the clubs in the district.  This is typically a request for action on a specific matter which the Board will consider at its regular quarterly meeting.   Items that have a limited scope, rather than impacting the whole Rotary world, are better to submit as “petitions.”
PDG Forney will be available to answer questions or assist you in your submission to the RI Board or the Council.  He can be reached at or 970-282-6966.